custom made shoes instagram

custom made shoes instagram
custom made shoes instagram
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Just as beautiful in person as in picture.
Overall, a great pair of swim trunks; they are comfortable to wear, dry out really fast and are made of durable fabric. The tie closure is very sturdy and the pocket flaps stay closed. The waist sizing is perfect, I wear a 34 and got a Large; length to the knee is just right. The striping down the side is a nice touch.
They work great, but I feel like the frames are very flimsy and the end pieces keep trying to come off when I take the sunglasses off. You get what you pay for.
Update: They sent me a different pair for free, these are much higher quality and actually stay on my head whilst blocking any sunlight. I'll give those a 5 but these stay a 3.
Excellently designed German product - the way most all German engineering is impressive, attractive, durable, and functional.
I love these glasses, on my second pair.
This is the best tote ever! It is so versatile with pockets galore to organize. A place for iPad and smaller pockets for headphones and chargers, other pockets for cash and passport. Enough room in middle for all essentials etc. I just finished a ten day trip overseas with long flights and the bag on plane was everything I hoped it would be. Why anyone would spend more money on a designer bag is beyond me. The fabric is super durable. I absolutely love this tote!!!
Quality you can expect from Under armour. I wouldn't recommend this shirt in hot temperatures. You get what you pay for. I would have bought another but the price randomly jumped.
Purchased as a gift, my girlfriend really likes it, great quality and plenty of space, color is very nice
Socks fit good, no wearing at the heals
Great belt. The material feels like that of a much higher priced belt.
I bought the balaclava for my husband when he rides his bike during cold weather. We live on the east coast and have been enduring these arctic blasts lately. He wore the balaclava for his bike ride last night. It was below freezing, but my husband said he would never know it since the hood kept him incredibly warm. He moved the face mask off since it fogged up his glasses, but other than that he absolutely loves it.
Noce fit
My fiance had been looking for a wallet like this for a year since his other one was lost. He is so happy with this one
Customizable length, interchangable belt buckles, extreme durability, high quality stitching and snug non-slip grip with the ratcheting lock system. I didn't know I needed these until I bought them. Now, every other belt is completely inferior. If you're a little unsure of the size just buy a size up and cut it to fit. Professional and rugged, these will dress up a suit and withstand a warehouse. Whatever you're need, these will be perfect.
Had it for 4 days , looks & feels great, hope it last long
Super cute and looks more expensive than it is! Classy addition to any outfit
These are literally perfect. Soft, comfy, my husband raves about them. Will be buying more!
Super value! Cheaper, heavier-duty than women's PJs, AND they have wonderfully deep pockets. I now have two pairs and may buy more.
Fit well
Nice quality glasses but be careful, they fit my head tight and my head isn't big!
My 9-year-old stepson was absolutely thrilled to receive this pendant for his Minecraft-themed birthday party. He put it on right away and I'm not sure he's taken it off in the past month except to bathe, and it's holding up well.
Sizing is terrible. Runs way too big.
Kids love them and they arrived fast
why should you buy these socks? because i own several pairs and i've found them to be the following:

- cushy
- thick
- don't get hot
- absorb sweat and moisture
- fun colors
- don't cause blisters
- quality construction
- American-made materials
- ethically made in South Africa

don't waste your money buying crap made in china that are shoddily made. buy these socks if you are a serious runner and you won't regret it!
Nice hat
A little tight at first. Really nice wallet for the price.
The wooden box it can in was damaged and I had to glue certain areas, I didnt want to return it because its a Christmas gift and dont have time to wait for another one, but a replacement wooden Zelda box would be nice to have without damage
Great product
Did not keep because of no zipper
Got this for my fianc and he loves it. He loves the storage space and he enjoyed how lightweight it was!