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I love this backpack. I purchased it to use for air travel as a personal item to go under the seat. It is made of quality materials and it looks good. I especially like that while wearing this backpack I have the security that no one can get in it. It's a great buy. I bought the size large to accommodate a tablet.
Just not wide enough for me. Very soft and expensive looking but just a tad to small for my liking.
Some perspective for those looking for size information:
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 135lbs
Waist: 31
Inseam: 34

Finding 31x34 pants, at a reasonable price, is insane. They are either super expensive, or aren't actually the right cut. These pants fit perfectly. I cannot say much about them as actual work pants, since I use them for a desk job, but I have yet to have anyone say they don't belong in our bank.
I really liked the look and feel of this wallet initially. Very slim and comfortable with a clean contemporary look. The I'd card side still looks good after a few months.

I only wish the card side held up as well. Within a week the side gave out in the main credit card slot. After about a month the sides started to fray.

If return it but Amazon's new return policy makes it a pain. I'd suggest getting a higher quality wallet from a local retailer.
Sodalight beads are medium in one bracelet,,and med. large in other. Also a set in gold metal stretch one with darker sodalight. 3 others are 2 navy beads, one round silver beads.
Great for travel. Can fit large i phone, small wallet and other toiletries. Bag goes with any outfit. Used it for my trip to San Francisco and loved it!
Bought for my husband, was great at first but about a month into wearing it pretty regularly the buckle broke right off the belt. Pretty disappointing because he really liked it up until it broke.
Very nice purse. It is a birthday gift.
So, So pretty!
Recently went on a trip and it was the exact perfect size for air travel. Love the zippered top to keep all things in place while going through security. Great to organize, sunglasses, small umbrella, etc and have at the ready when needed. Can't wait to order more!
Like how thick the socks are. Husband said they feel great
Works well for my ( old man) husband's medium sized belly. Belts were not working!
He looks so much better in them
Perfect! My husband loves them. Just as pictured and work perfect. Worth every penny!!
Great quality and look! Everyone absolutely loves this bag when I wear it and get so many compliments. Packaging was great too!
I Had to quickly switch the earrings that I got my ears pierced with because they were irritating my ears * And were too short In length to compensate for swelling*. So I purchased these in Hope that they would be better than what I had. I am sensitive to certain types of metal in earrings and these have been awesome ... My ears feel much better and I love the size of them
Gift for my son and he wears it all the time so I'm guessing it was a hit. Nice hat for sure.
Bought this bag because I'm totally addicted to cross-body bags as I love having my hands free. This bag, when the strap is extended all the way , is a perfect fit. Was a little dubious about the canvas because a few reviewers said it was too casual for them, however I find that not to be the case. I got the pewter color. It's very well made and constructed - very sturdy. I actually did not buy it for its anti-theft features, but for everyday use. However, if I take it shopping with me this Christmas in say, downtown Chicago, the anti-theft features may come out handy. I like the design of the front pocket - it's unique enough to make it interesting since it's a blah color. (Where are all the fun color purses??? UGH.) My one and only gripe - and it's a picky one - is that when I'm removing the purse and I'm wearing my hand-knit mittens, the yarn snags in the largest top zipper almost every time. If you don't wear hand-knit items, you won't have this issue.
so kind helpful and concerned customer service, and 100% polarized hot and durable glasses thanks for good deal, no difference from expensive ones
Marvellous hat really confortable and elegant just the way I like it. 5
I got this balaclava two days before it was supposed to arrive, which was awesome, it fits great for the way it was designed, which is fantastic, I bought it to be part of a costume, so the price was outstanding, I only wish there was some way to hook the middle of the forehead to the bridge of the nose to minimize exposed skin. I knew there wasn't when I bought it, I just thought I'd mention it as a future design idea, also its too bad you don't sell cycling outfits to match this design. Regardless, I am fully satisfied knowing that I got exactly what I paid for, keep up the good work folks!
Decent pair of glasses. Came to me with a cracked lens. Has a glossy plastic finish and comes with a carrying case that fits the glasses nicely. Since they came damaged, I'm not sure how long they would last. I ended up buying the Yodo's. The Optix 55 glasses look good. Since they were shipped in a plastic bag, they arrived damaged.
I love the look and feel of this wallet. It feels well made and has a very attractive, sleek, and mature appearance. So far the money clip feels very tight and solid. With everything I need to carry on a daily basis it is actually a little thicker than the bi-fold I was replacing. The extra thickness comes does, however, come with the peace of mind that it is RFID blocking, as I have had some terrible luck with my cards ever since the switch to the "more secure" chip.

Edit: In less than a week one of the retaining screws had ripped out when putting some cash under the money clip. The company reached out to me and was very quick to apologize and send out a replacement. I have had no issues with the new wallet with heavy daily use, and it very easy and comfortable to carry with an attractive appearance as well. Looks like I just got unlucky with the first one, so with how quick and helpful the company was to resolve the issue, I still give 5 stars. They really are dedicated to customer satisfaction and I love the wallet.
It was a birthday present for my daughter and she is just over the moon about it
God product, I love oit
just what we order and expected.
great look.
Jacket is a nice waterproof outer shell. Not too long and has adjustable Velcro fit at the wrists. Durable and stylish.
These earrings arrived broken. Very disappointed.
Best hiking socks I've every had.
Bought this as a carry on for vacation but have ended up carrying it as my everyday purse! LG is very big! Easily held my laptop, sweater and our new found treasure's for the trip home too!é-Oeko-Tex