Cream white pattern Black Slide Sandals Shoes|diy shoe odor eliminator_diy shoe freshener spray

diy shoe odor eliminator_diy shoe freshener spray

Very nice !
So slim and small. Fits perfectly in my back pocket. Sometimes I have to touch my back pocket to remind myself that my slim wallet is in that pocket.
These socks are very comfortable and soft.
excellent product...
the product is too small if you have a size 18 neck
Excellent fit and very good looking. Loved it. The hat was an excellent buy.
Fit as hoped.
He loves them.
I was extremely excited to find this on amazon. It looked like a quality ring in the photos others have posted, but when i received it and expanded it to fit my ring finger (where it’s supposed to go) i can tell how flimsy it is and how easily it will snap eventually.

Right out of the box it can only fit my pinky. And after bending/shaping it i can get it on my ring finger, with a big gap in the adjustable area. Bending it any more will definitely break it.

It does its job for temporary wear. Not for daily though like i wanted.
nice material, appear to be well-made, the fit of the leg is narrower and trimmer than that found in typical gym and bb shorts, so these are nice as walking shorts.
This backpack is very cute but the straps are AWFUL. They do not look like they belong on this bag, more like a seat belt.
100%real had it looked over by employee at a store.
really liked for christmas gift.
Elastic blew out in all pairs in under six months.
Not sure if CK changed their product, but previous pairs I've bought in-store were made elsewhere in the world (These are made in China and the store bought variety were made in Cambodia per the tags). The ones bought in-store are heavier materials, while these have begun to fray at the top of the band after one wash. Have also bought the blue color pack on Amazon and received Cambodia made pairs, unsure as to why it changed
Bought this last month and already the strap broke
La tela no tiene elasticidad con esa máscara puesta es imposible respirar
My husband loves them.
Very comfortable and clear
Great sunglasses. I'm very pleased with the construction of them and their stylish look.
She really liked it a lot. Very beautiful
The stitching around the toes caused calluses.
This was a gift and he is very happy about all the features, just the right size and the material is flexible. Wonderful he said
cheap but sturdy sock comfy
Great value, arrived in a box with carrying case and soft case. Great fit so far. They also included a jeweler's screwdriver for adjustments.
I'm satisfied and would purchase again
This shirt fit well. Sometimes they fit well and sometimes they run a little tigh. I guess it’s just left up to the luck of the draw. Nike doesn’t fair well im consistency on there tshirt sizes.
Fits perfect👍
This is a great compact wallet that allows easy access to cards and money. Love that it can fit enough cards without making it to thick. Great rfid blocking feature also. Sometimes it is hard to pull out one individual card, but you get used to it. Overall fantastic wallet and would consider buying as gifts for friends and family
good sunclasses
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